Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Marathon Weekend

Friday night I took Anna to meet some friends at the Roswell Chickfila. Then C, W, M and I ate at Willys. Afterward we watched Moneyball.

Saturday I did a lot of housework, then took M to his game. Playing man-to-man, Matthew was assigned the opponent’s best player, and he shut him down. That night I mostly read my book.

Got up early Sunday and drove Will to his half-marathon, over at Town Center Mall. He did well, finishing under two hours. It was cold and misty, so I watched the 5K race from my car. Last Friday morning I read on Twitter that he was running the half, his first. He had talked about it, but I didn’t know he signed up. Back home I watched the movie Invincible before the basketball banquet. Took a nap, and did more work around the house.

I wonder if Pastornicky’s 26 errors in 2010 will be reduced once he has Freeman at first base taking his throws. Usually USA Today has something to say about the Phillies, but one day last week there was more on the Braves, including a defense of why they should contend for the division, more than the Marlins. I guess the AJC bloggers don’t read the USA Today, if they read at all.

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