Wednesday, February 15, 2012


If Jeremy Lin continues to get lots of playing time, next season he will be elected as a starter to the NBA All-Star Game…he'll surely get the on-line vote from the Far East. You heard it here first.

I did not know Lin was a Christian, but he seemed bright, cheerful, and respectful in his post-game interview Friday night. I watched most of the fourth quarter, and was following Lang's comments (& others) on Twitter.

BONUS COVERAGE: In the interest of Lin-mania, I'm re-printing Reid's accounts of last night's game-winner over Toronto (and other stuff):

I thought before the game last night that if I was going to bet $50.00 on the game, I would bet on the Knicks. But, if I had to bet $5,000.00, I would bet on Toronto. I fire up the computer just after 7:00, and sure enough Toronto is up by 7. As the game goes on, the lead climbs to 12 or 13. Lin only has 9 at halftime.

Second half starts, and still the Knicks trail not making up ground. Lin finally gets up to 13, and I'm thinking he is not going to make 20. Fourth quarter. The Knicks still trail but get to within 2 with about 4 min to go.

Then Toronto extends the lead back to 7. Lin gets 19, and I'm just hoping for 20. Then one minute to go, and the Knicks climb to within 3, and I have a slight hope. Then with a few seconds to go it is tied, and I have real hope, although I really think OT. Then, the score jumps to 90-87 FINAL. After a few minutes, I find out that Lin scored with .5 sec to go.

I'm running in to tell wifey. I go back to the computer and start watching reruns of the last shot. Then switch to ESPN2 for more reruns. Some were saying he should make the all star team this year.

Friday night I watched the whole Knick/Laker game where Lin logged 38. It was wild. E even got into it especially when she heard he was a Christian. He reminds me so much of Maravich except he doesn't shoot every time he has the ball. He is good at setting up his teammates. I love it when he spins around his defenders and lays it up. Lang was at the game.

I was interested early Sat morning to see Lin's sports cards selling around $10.00 to $20.00. I put in a few bids, but by later in the day, some were up in the hundreds of dollars. I waited until the dust settled and got one yesterday for $20.00.

The thing that impressed me about Lin was in his interviews. Normally, they only ask two questions. They were asking Lin 4, 5, and 6 questions, and he was in no hurry to leave. Even at half time. There was an interesting article on yesterdays CNN web page comparing Lin and Tebow.

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