Friday, February 10, 2012

DoorHinges: Two Straight Wins!

The trivia experts were wondering if the DoorHinges could repeat. Things didn’t start off well: Will was more focused on other pursuits. Though Erin was back in her signature red boots, I wore my white Pumas. Michael dragged in looking glum…earlier in the day he wrecked his 2011 Accord. When the cute blonde at the next table tried to say hello to him, he was oblivious. Left hanging, she pretended to stab him in the back with a dagger.

1. GEORGIA: What mountain near Atlanta is the sight of one of the largest single masses of exposed granite in the world? An easy five points: Stone Mountain, of course.

2. DISNEY: In the movie, was Bambi a boy or girl deer? Joel thought boy. Three points.

3. BIBLE: What Biblical character had a coat of many colors? Joseph (why did that sound weird to me?) One point.

4. MOVIES: What was the name of the masked character in the Friday the 13th movies? Michael and Joel looked to me. I don’t watch movies like that, but suddenly it came to me: Jason. How did I know that? Three points.

5. MUSIC: The term diminuendo means the music is becoming what? Joel knew: Softer. Five points.

6. 1990’s: At Woodstock 1999, what one-named musician took the stage wearing only his bass guitar? We didn’t know. I was pretty sure it wasn’t Prince, and answered Slash…from Guitar Hero. After we turned in our answer, Joel remembered that Slash played lead. It was Flea, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers (at work, Chris knew). A one point miss.

7. COFFEE: Which iconic American event in the 1700’s turned America’s principal drink from tea to coffee? Michael was the first to answer, and I concurred: The Boston Tea Party. Five points.

8. HUMAN BODY: The scapula is the formal name for what body part? Joel knew: the shoulder blade. Three points.

9. RELIGION: Who originally published the Book of Mormon? Knowing it wasn’t Brigham Young, I knew it was an ordinary name. On my paper I jotted Joseph, thought for a minute, and remembered his last name…Smith. Michael thought it sounded right, too. One point.

10. STATES: Name the abbreviations for the following states: Indiana, Mississippi, Washington, Connecticut, Nebraska. Will arrived, and Joel was cautious to answer, after last week’s Iowa debacle. We huddled, and answered correctly: IN, MS, WA, CT, NE. Ten points. At halftime, we were one of three teams one point out of first place. Two teams had perfect scores. Bama was three behind us.

11. LITERATURE: What type of animal was the protagonist in “The Wind in the Willows”? Joel and Michael had read the book AND watched the movie. After a few tense seconds, Michael said mole. Joel thought that was right…and wagered six points, to my surprise. But mole was right. Erin quipped “The questions are getting harder, but the answers are getting worse!” A good sign.

Just then the PA system went out. Erin checked everything, but couldn’t get it to work. While she switched microphones, I encouraged Joel to help. Finally he did, and quickly got it working…after blasting out everyone’s eardrums. Erin got everyone to cheer for Joel. After getting the game going again, she came over and gave him a big hug. Another good sign.

12. AMERICA: In 1904 what city became the first to host the Olympics in the US? I knew: St. Louis. After confirming the answer, Erin reminded us that it’s her home town. We should’ve remembered that. Four points.

13. HISTORY: In 1911 a team from what country was the first to reach the South Pole? The name Sir Edmund Hillary came to my mind. He sounded British, so we answered England. It was Norway…Hillary scaled Mt. Everest. A two point miss.

14. GEOGRAPHY: Which ocean is the largest and deepest? Easy. Michael said it first: the Pacific. Six points.

15. SCIENCE: What instrument measures humidity? Tough one. Michael and I thought it was a barometer, but Joel said no…it measures pressure. Eventually Joel asked “What…is another word for water?” “Hydro…” I answered, and then made up a word I’d never heard before: “…hydrometer” We turned it in…and got it right! Bama was the only other team that answered correctly. Two points.

16. TELEVISION: In what decade was the TV invented? Another discussion. I was thinking TV broadcasts must’ve begun in the 30’s, it TV’s invention was earlier than that. Michael also thought it was the 1920’s. Right again! Four points.

17. GAMES: What was the first coin-operated video game? I knew it wasn’t Pac Man or Asteroids. Michael and Joel thought it was Gallaga. Sounded older than Space Invaders. Erin said it was “Computer Space” Lots of groans…no one got it right. A two point miss.

18. HISTORY: Which president was the first to ride in an automobile? I was pretty sure I’d read that it was Teddy Roosevelt (though not yet in book I’m halfway through). Michael thought the auto was invented around 1908. Erin said to give both the first and last name, which further confirmed Roosevelt. I was right. We wagered four points, but since the last question is often brutal, perhaps we should’ve bet six.

19. DINOSAURS: Within ten million years, how many million years ago did dinosaurs become extinct? Yes, we should’ve wagered six on the previous question. With no idea, I mentally zoned out. I joked about subscribing to the Young Earth theory: us creationists know there is no firm scientific evidence to suggest the earth is more than 8000 years old. Joel and Will spent a week at the Creation Museum near Cincinnati, but that wouldn’t help. After Joel turned in 200, l felt bad about not contributing a lower number, like fifty. Michael heard another table say 64. The answer was 65. A six point miss. Not good: we’d missed three of the nine second-half questions.

Before the final question, Erin read off the scores. Bama was fourth from last, with 51. I knew our score: 62. Rumbleroars had 56…in second place. We led by six points!

20. FINAL: In honor of Hershey Chocolate’s 118th birthday Thursday, name the five most popular candies in the US (not gum). We made a list, and answered the first five: M&M’s, Reece’s Cups, Hershey’s Chocolate Bar, Snickers, Skittles, Lifesavers, Hershey’s Kisses, and Butterfingers. In the confusion, we forgot to rank them. We got the top four, and missed number five: Kit Kat.

I quickly started adding…the additional twelve points would be tough to beat (in fact, the top eight teams would’ve had to get all five IN ORDER to win). Eight other teams did get four of five. We kept our six point margin, and won with 74 points. Two straight wins! The celebration was slightly more subdued, and there was no dancing in the street. I did manage to forget my Diet Coke.

Like her red boots, Erin’s musical theme for the evening was Love and Candy: All You Need is Love, I Love Candy, Lollipop, Sugar Pie Honey Bunch, PS I Love You, Honey Honey (the Archies), JT’s How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You, The Candy Man, Elvis’s Burnin’ Love, World of Imagination (from Willie Wonka), and the B52’s Love Shack.

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