Friday, February 03, 2012

Super Bowl Weekend

Thursday night Will, Joel, Michael, and I won the trivia. I was surprised at how excited W and J were. Michael was the coach’s son on Will’s team, who I’ve mentioned in the past. He auditioned to be a baseball player in the Clint Eastwood/Amy Adams/Justin Timberlake movie that’s set to film here in Atlanta, about an aging baseball scout and his daughter. Said he might even have a speaking role.

The Coley’s babysitter was unavailable, so they dropped off their kids last night. I got to talk to Bryan. Said he hopes to finish his movie in the next month. Can’t re-film that last scene until the actors grow their beards back.

Looking forward to the Super Bowl…the food, commercials, the game, etc.

Saturday M has a game. C is going to a funeral in Augusta, riding with two or three friends. I have some organizing to do. C got the contractor to repair the dining room ceiling…looks good. Her friend from Virginia is coming for a weekend in March.

Will’s first two games are Feb 25 in Lawrenceville. Soon I will post his entire schedule right here.

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