Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Matthew got braces yesterday, and he wasn’t feeling well last night. Went to bed earlier than usual. Hopefully he’ll be ready for his game tonight. He and Anna had a good time on their Passion retreat, up in Rome.

When it comes to braces, Jerry Capps is who everyone raves about. He’s on Lassiter Road, near the Mr Clean carwash, I guess. We used to teach his daughters back in the 80’s, and Ceil used to hang with his wife.

We need to get finished with the kitchen. Ceil was on the phone with the contractor last night. All that’s left is the knobs, and touching up the paint. The dining room ceiling has been repaired, but the bathroom tiles need fixing. We’re getting the garage ceiling fixed. In the spring we’ll get it painted.

Looking forward to Will’s baseball season starting, on the 25th. I need to make a final push to get the tax stuff ready.

During a round Tiger seems to be in his own world, hardly acknowledging his playing partners. I would think it would be Tiger’s playing partners distracting him. I wonder if there will be anything about this in Hank Haney’s book, or that fictional book “The Swinger” that’s supposedly based on Tiger.

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