Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Mid-Season Report

Matthew has improved as a basketball player…he’s more aggressive on defense, is more comfortable dribbling, is not hesitant to shoot, and even scored a basket a couple of games ago. Don’t go out of your way, but he plays Saturday afternoons at Mt. Zion UMC on Johnson Ferry at Bishop Lake. Feb 4 @ 2:45, Feb 11 @ 1:30, and Feb 18 @ 2:45. Monday night the coach had him work on his shooting, foul shots and the Mikan drill. The coach keeps it simple, but the team has certainly progressed. They scrimmaged for less than five minutes, and Matthew scored a basket. He also beat everyone running suicides. Must be the shoes.

Things are going ok with Matthew. He almost never misses Passion City…the youth meet a couple of hours before the main service. It’s funny…my other son (18 year old Will) is known as “Matthew’s big brother” there.

Pray that Matthew is able to focus on his schoolwork (especially math). On Tuesdays he goes to a special program that supposed to help with his learning. Its been a blessing for him to be in the program, and hopefully it will continue to help.

Though I miss North Point, it appears my other four family members really like Passion. I feel like I really need to be there as well, worshipping with them.

The Manning jersey sold. I put too low of a minimum price on it. Quadrupled my money, but I’m still learning this whole eBay thing. I have a few basketball items I need to put up next. Lots of baseball stuff, but I’ll at least wait til spring training starts. This weekend I’ll talk to Mary Hurt about Craig’s List…no one bites at what I put up. I can use my iPhone to post new items and repost the ones that don’t sell.

Joseph A Bank also seems to have a lot of sales. Last year I bought a nice Pea Coat, and wore it a few times. I thought I remembered putting it away for the summer, but when I unpacked the winter clothes this fall, I couldn’t find it. A week ago I found the pea coat…hanging in my closet.

Last day of the month, and I spent two hours at the bank, clearing up THEIR problem.

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