Monday, February 13, 2012

Current Puma Inventory

Now I have eight pair of Pumas. All are fun to own, though I rarely wear them. Perhaps I’ll sell five of them. Due to their cracking soles, I know to stay away from the good-looking California model.

Canvas: dark blue / off white. Nearly new. Too Chuck Taylor-ish for me. Maybe I’ll sell them, or give them to Joel.

Suede: red / white. Bought new. I should sell them.

Roma: white / blue / blue tongue. Great shape. I should sell them.

Roma: white / blue / white tongue. Beaten up, but decent looking.

Brasil: white / green. OK shape.

Track: blue / grey / white. A slit in the fabric, but I could still sell.

Running: grey / orange / white. Keepers.

California (kids): grey / white. Worn by all three kids. I should sell.

Thrown away due to cracking soles:

California: red / white. I loved these most.

California: grey / red

California (youth): white / navy.

Did not buy for same reason:

California: white / navy

Other sneakers:

New Balance 993 grey…kinda wide

New Balance 992 grey…anniversary model. Too wide

New Balance 993 black…bought new. OK fit.

New Balance 991 grey…old.

Chuck Taylor low tops…white. Makes me look fatter.

Reebok Pump running shoes…highlighter yellow. Use them as house shoes, since they’re slip-ons.

Air Jordans…too big, but they’re warm, and fun to look at.

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