Monday, February 13, 2012

Packing (Too) Light

Got a bunch cleaned up this weekend, but we still have a long way to go. While cleaning up I noticed Matthew had only taken one pair of shoes on his youth retreat. Sure enough, he stepped in the mud, and had to borrow someone else’s shoes…that were way too big. I also noticed two sweaters that he didn’t take. When he came home he was wearing a sweater and a tee shirt…without a flannel type shirt (he packed several of them). Of course, he said he froze all weekend.

Friday night Ceil and Will went to Margaret Hurt’s coming-of-age tea party celebration at Living Science. David Hurt had to make a short speech. Will spoke, and I’m sure Mary Hurt spoke as well.

After eating at Chipotle Saturday, we went to see “The Vow.” Great movie…based on a true story. Dozens of teenage girls were in the theater, and they were quite vocal when the guy had his shirt off. Kelly Clark had gone to the 4 pm show. The dagger girl from trivia was sitting behind me…maybe not a good thing.

All weekend we watched a lot of the Pebble Beach tournament. Ceil watched Sandra Bulloch in “Miss Congeniality” (her favorite). I watched the Parent Trap, listening for a line that Anna had quipped.

Sunday night we watched the Grammys. Nice to see Glen Campbell honored. Joel and Mary-Clayton came over for pancakes, so I had to clean up and make two trips to Kroger (and one to Trader Joes). I finally got deep into by Rosenberg book, The Twelfth Imam.

I downloaded the eBay app on my iPhone, so now I can post things for sell and take a picture with my camera phone. Before I had been dreading taking pictures with our camera and transferring them to the computer before being able to post them on eBay. Problem solved.

Looks like that little NOLA restaurant in Roswell closed down. Also the Mexican restaurant called “The Bridge”

Last night I dreamed Mary Hubert visited North Point. Bruce came as well. Becky was at the service, but rushed out right when it ended. Joel was there, but he hadn’t ridden with Becky. Andy spoke, and walked around the worshippers, kinda like a theater in the round. He had hurt his knee, and was wearing a brace. Both pants legs had been pulled up, and he looked like he was wearing riding britches, or football pants

Watched the last ten minutes of the Duke/UNC game. With 7 minutes to go, I knew there was a chance they could come back. Interesting play was Duke’s next-to-last three, when UNC’s Zeller tipped the ball into the basket. The refs huddled and signaled three, but did you notice that ESPN only added two to the score. The game was tied, but the screen showed 83-82. Interesting that after the announcers only said that it was a three. It does make sense, with the final score being 85-84. I was trying to look at arena scoreboards to see that score, because I was confused. Great ending.

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