Friday, February 24, 2012

The Wright Brothers

Four Wright stories: When I was in the SPdL singles department (83-87), Bryant spoke at a banquet we had. He was growing up at SPdL before my time. He seems to be just what the JFBC congregation wants in a pastor. Not long ago Will heard his son preach, at their location north of Lake Allatoona.

For a while Ceil and I attended a special parenting Sunday School class at Johnson Ferry, during the 8:30 hour. It really helped us get out the door early on Sunday mornings. Then we’d attend the 9:30 worship service. One Sunday we went to the 8:30 class, but since there was a guest preacher, we decided to do to the 11 am service at North Point. We arrived just as the 9 am service was letting out. As we walked in, we passed Bryant walking out.

His parents are good people. When I worked for Jim Suggs (84-87), he had George come in and deliver a motivational speech. I always remember that he talked about how we all use just a fraction of our brainpower, and if we could just use a tiny bit more, we’d be heads and shoulders above the rest.

Scot and I used to work out together at 6 am at the FLC. One year we ran the Peachtree together. We were in the back of the pack, with all the slow runners. Still, he wanted to run fast, so we had to weave through the crowd. We probably ran seven or eight miles.

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