Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prima Donnas

Good to see Kobe has a clear head, and knows Gasol is a key to their success…Andrew Bynum appears to be too injury prone. If I were the Lakers I would trade Bynum for Howard. I’m just not a big Dwight Howard fan. Great player, but he seems to be a big prima donna. Everyone talks about what a wonderful guy he is, but there are too many warning flags for him to really be a good guy. He may be the next LeBron, spending his entire career chasing an elusive championship.

Tech…perhaps they’re better without Rice. Perhaps this suspension will teach him that the world doesn’t revolve around him. Since he’s not a lottery pick, NBA teams could shy away from troublemakers like him. So many kids (and their mothers) say suspensions were “misunderstandings” when in fact the misunderstanding was on THEIR part, not the coach’s.

Through Twitter, its easier to learn what’s going on in the mind of players. There are a couple of Will’s teammates whose tweets are quite entertaining. One is a self-described “baseball stud” who constantly brags…even though this fall he struck out almost every time he batted. Another player, starting his junior home-school season, is convinced he will pitch in college. We’ll see…the season starts Saturday.

Will’s team should be good. They have all their best players back from last year, three of the weaker links have moved on, and they’ve added several strong players. Saturday Will had a five-hour baseball practice. He pitched during the scrimmage. Sounds like he wants to play shortstop, but there’s a senior from Huntsville Alabama on the team competing for the spot. The senior is going to UAB next year.

I’ve been wondering about the Knicks…when everyone returns, will they still be as good (and will Lin mix with the stars).

This guy will bull over anyone standing in his way to get an order, but then wonders why no one goes out of their way to help them. Today he had an order all messed up, waiting on people to respond to emails (instead of picking up the phone), and he was just digging himself a hole. He stopped by my desk twice, but I could tell he wasn’t listening to a word I was saying. I spend a good amount of time helping people solve problems quite unrelated to my job duties, but knew the blame for this entire screw-up would be blamed on me. We finally got the order headed in the right direction.

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