Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I Had a Dream

Over the years I’ve had a recurring dream about a spacious, little used bathroom/showers/locker room. It is ornate, tiled, and goes on forever…lots of big, open lockers, huge showers, etc. When you go around to the other side, there’s more of everything. But to get there, you had to go deeper and deeper in this dorm/hotel place. Its almost like a maze. Last night a co-worker was in my dream. When they found their bathroom full, we went on a journey to this huge, secret locker room.

In a separate dream, Mark Richt just found out a family member of someone he knew had died. He started crying, and I had to console him. We were standing in a stadium, in the walkway leading from underneath the stands. In my dream, he was chubbier than I’d seen him in the past. He was wearing grey, not red.

Monday night I saw where David Feherty’s Golf Channel show had been taped in Indianapolis. His first guest was Tim Tebow. It was interesting to watch Feherty as he interviewed Tebow. Like Alec Baldwin on the NFL Awards Show, interviewers are fully accepting of Tebow’s faith. Golf was not mentioned. I changed the channel when Joe Thiesman and Steve Mariucci came out. The Feherty show will certainly rerun soon.

In other news, this looks interesting: run a 5K through mud and blood, while being chased by zombies… Too bad my son has a doubleheader that day.

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