Friday, August 17, 2012

Chipper Bobblehead Night

Had a good time at the Braves/Padres game last night, obviously. I thought Jason Marquis would be a tough opponent. He's batting about .280, and his double last night was his fourth of the season.

After a crazy day at work, I was able to leave just before three. I was going to pick up Matthew at the dentist, but we missed connections. Soon we won't have that problem: I ordered cell phones for C, W, and A.

Walked up to the stadium around 4:20, and there were the longest lines that I'd ever seen. The dollar tickets sold out, so I had to buy a regular ticket. The Braves took BP, but not the Padres…so I had extra time to kill before the game. Saw my BP friends Johnny and Marshal, who are there most weekdays.
Last night the game-used shop had a nice selection: Bobby Dews, Hudson, Hanson, Snitker, Livian Hernandez, Martinez, several of the minor league pitchers, and several Jurrgans jerseys. Walked all the way around the stadium, almost twice. Saw two younger versions of me: cap, Braves shirt/jersey, glove, scorebook. I had forgotten my scorebook yesterday.

My tweet about the US Air Force song was read by @BravesOrganist, who is evidently a tweeting machine. He acknowledged my tweet with a ;)

I didn't want to stay out too late, but after Chipper's first homer I thought I'd stick around to see more of his at bats. When he lined out to end the sixth it was already after nine, so I headed home.

Saturday morning Will is riding the $3.00 bus home.

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