Monday, August 13, 2012

Closing Ceremony: Thumbs Up

We watched the closing ceremony Sunday night. It was perhaps the best Closing Ceremony I could remember, almost similar to an Opening Ceremony in scope.

I was flipping over to the Braves game during commercials, but when it got to be 5-1 late in the game I finally gave up. Sounds like an exciting ending…you can’t ever give up with this team. I still say this could be the year.

Friday afternoon at work I ate some old pretzels. On the drive home I started feeling so bad that I could hardly drive. headache and queasy stomach. Got home at 7 pm and went to bed. Went downstairs for 30 minutes later that evening, then went back and slept until 7:30 Saturday morning. Felt better, but not 100%.

Took Anna to NP Mall at 10:30…her Passion small group was going to the lake, then having a sleepover. Then I stopped by two thrift stores, got my haircut, deposited a check, stopped by the library, and hit the Dollar Store next door. Later I took Matthew to see the Hunger Games…good movie. That night I watched the Olympics and Braves.  

Got a lot done Sunday afternoon, straightening up around the house.

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