Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Starters Rotating

By the beginning of August four of the five starting pitchers at the beginning of the Braves rotation had been replaced.

Jurrjans. Poor performance and injuries.
Hanson. Missed starts due to injuries
Beachy. Tommy John surgery, after a great start.
Delgado…lacked killer instinct, returned to minors.
Minor. After a slow start, has pitched well

Hudson. Another strong year.
Maholm. Best trade acquisition in majors.
Medlin. Complete game shutout.
Sheets. Comeback player of the year?
Minor. July pitcher of the month runner-up.

Now that Hanson has returned, the Braves are going with a six man rotation during a tiring stretch of the schedule, into early September. Manager Fredi Gonzalez says the best five will pitch the stretch run. Each has plusses and minuses.

Hudson: early inning struggles, then settles down.
Maholm: lost to Nats, but should pitch in September.
Medlin: September shoo-in.
Sheets: recent struggles put him on the bubble.
Minor: should get the September nod.
Hanson: also could be on bubble.

With Beachy’s return at some point next season, it will be interesting to see if the Braves move to re-sign Sheets. Medlin is often considered a reliever, but to me he appears more suited for a starting role.

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