Monday, August 27, 2012

Moxie Burger

Last Thursday night I read of a hot new burger joint just across the river in East Cobb: Moxie Burger. Run by a young man who grew up in East Cobb, his dad fronted the money. Gary McKee, the old Quixie DJ, said it was good. So did the AJC. Lots of burger and chicken and salad variations. Fried green tomatoes, sweet potato fries, etc.

Friday night I couldn't talk Ceil into Fuddruckers, but she wanted to go out. I made her go to Moxie. She and Anna loved it. Ceil had a grilled chicken salad. Anna had her chicken sandwich. My burger was pretty good. I bet the plain bun taster better than the wheat bun. The place was packed.

Left Moxie and drove due north: past Trader Joes, past the Super Target, past Crabapple and Birmingham into Cherokee County to pick up Matthew at his friends house. Saw two baby deer and their mother. Beautiful farmhouse with all kind of animals: goats, a bulldog, etc. It had that farm smell.

Saturday I spend all day cleaning out Will and Matthew's room. Best cleaning it has had in over ten years. Took everything out and dusted and cleaned. Rearranged the bobbleheads and baseballs on the shelves. Looks much better now.

Sunday I cleaned out all the stuff that had piled up in the master bedroom: clothes, etc. Also did some eBay work. At Passion they called Maya Moore on stage, and she spoke about the Olympics.

Ceil had another doctor's appointment this morning, so I took the kids to school again. She had a minor procedure and is feeling woozy. I may have to leave early this afternoon. Sounds like we're going to Moe's tonight.

In Athens Friday night Will went out to eat with Kara, Charisa, and Lisa. Then he went to the UGA women's volleyball game. I think he won a pizza for cheering loudly.

I hadn't heard about that old 90 yard football field. Ivy Street downtown? I'll see if my dad remembers.

Six man rotation is over…Sheets went to the DL. ESPN or Fox said that Fredi said what he learned from last year's collapse was that you can't keep putting guys out there who aren't getting the job done when the season is on the line. After last week's skid, I think we may be seeing more of your alignment: Prado at 2B and Johnson in LF. We'll see.

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