Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Braves: Don't Count Them Out

It would be great if Uggla comes around and Simmons returns August 31. If everyone else keeps up their pace, plus Moylan returns, perhaps this is the Braves year to peak at the right time. Perhaps the media will pester the Nats every time they stumble, and the pressure will get in their heads. Any thoughts? Here's what my friend just said about the Braves…

This team is pretty balanced - It does not get the headlines but I think it is more important to have fewer weaknesses as opposed to a few standout strengths with multiple weak spots...Eventually the Nats are gong to run into a slump - now that we have shored up the rotation, I don't see us going into another slump. It looks like Venters is ready to be effective again - that will be huge. I also think Medlen is a better pitcher than Hanson at this point.

As usual, Will tried to cram in too much before leaving Wednesday for UGA. Monday night he had a SPdL softball game…Joel Norman went along as well. In addition to Drew Kelly's son Rob, other team members include Noel Turner's son and the new youth director. I asked Joel if the youth director mentioned anything about Passion Church, but he hasn't said anything.

After the game I met W & J around 8:30 pm, then we drove 35 miles up I-575 to Ball Ground, in Pickens County. Will bought a nice Cannondale bike to take to UGA. Hopefully it works out for him. On the drive we listened to the Braves, and Joel told us about his recent Gulf Coast beach trip with the Hurts.

Tuesday Will had to return Mary Clayton's bikes somewhere (Cartersville?) and finish packing.

After M's last basketball game he said he wanted to play baseball again. That's fine, but I'd rather he take guitar lessons. He just needs to practice.

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