Monday, August 13, 2012

Thrift Store Update: Summer

Brown Cole Haan Santa Barbara loafers with Nike Air soles. I’d always loved these shoes, and it seems like brown loafers with heavy black soles are suddenly in style. I can wear them to work, or with jeans this fall/winter. And I got them for less than two bucks. Much nicer than the two dollar brown Merrell loafers I bought a few months ago.

Cincinnati Bengals # 9 Carson Palmer authentic game jersey. Couldn’t pass up a $200.00 jersey selling for five bucks. Everything is stitched, and it looks great. This fall I’ll sell it on eBay.

Knowshon Moreno #24 authentic UGA black-out jersey, by Nike. Numbers are all sewn on, including the TV numbers on the sleeves. Everything but MORENO on the back.

Black Izod golf shorts. Sweet. I needed a dark pair of shorts, and these it the bill perfectly. Plain front, in a high-tech, distressed looking fabric.

Kaiki Dockers golf shorts…these look and fit great.

Dark kaiki golf shorts. Nice, but right now they’re my fourth favorite pair of shorts. They only cost two bucks, so they were worth it. With all the “new” shorts I’ve acquired, I had to go through and weed out all my old out of style shorts.

Levis jeans. Since all my jeans look faded, I needed a dark pair. These look and fit great.

Black cotton pants. I wanted a pair of these, and I found a cheap new pair with the tags still on them. Plain front.

Dark grey dress slacks. For some reason I don’t have as many work pants as I used to, so this pair should help.

Black striped dri-fit golf shirt. Exactly what I've been wearing these days. 

Heavy plain white T-shirt, new. I needed one of these. I can wear it as a T-shirt, or just by itself. Cost less than a dollar.

Red UGA T-shirt. On May first Will had no UGA apparel. It's pretty scarce at thrift stores, but I found one nice tee...for less than a dollar.

Dark blue women’s Polo shirt. Cost less than a dollar. It was on the men’s rack, but the sleeves are too short for a guy. Polo is hot right now, so if the shirt is too big for Ceil or Anna (it is) I’ll just sell it.

Dark grey women’s Patagonia pullover. If too big for Anna or Ceil, I’ll sell it on eBay.

The Moviegoer, by Walker Percy. I needed a paperback for the beach, and this award-winner was thought-provoking, even though it was written in the early 60’s. Also bought a Tom Clancy paperback for later. Both cost fifty cents.

Tom Petty "Free Falling" CD. Forced Matthew to go into a thrift store with me, so he headed straight to the CD's. I also nabbed him a Switchfoot CD.

Paid about $56.00 for 18 items, worth almost $700.00.

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