Saturday, August 04, 2012

Football Already?

     I was listening to 680 on the way to work this Friday morning. It's too early for hours and hours of football talk. Plenty of baseball and Olympics to talk about, as well as a little Hawks (but they never talk about basketball).
     Boss gave a nice speech for my anniversary, and several people were nodding in agreement. I didn't write any thoughts down in advance, but thanked everyone. Just our little office, which was fine. The watch couldn't be nicer. Had carrot cake from Whole Foods…very good. Boss took me to lunch. I was in the mood for something quick, so I chose the Duluth Diner, one of me boss's favorites. Has a Caesar salad with grilled chicken.
     Boss didn't mention that I used to work at Chickfila. In addition to setting the single day sales record, I wonder if Chickfila will break their sales record for a week.
     Thursday night Will and MC were working to get ready to move to college. Will moves in next Wednesday. Matthew and I went to trivia, even though the Hurts and Joel were down in Florida. This morning I slept late, and didn't arrive for work until 7:50 am. Not much on tap for the weekend.
     Ceil will be happy to return to Destin...she was hoping we could go back some time. She likes it much better than Myrtle Beach, as do I (and it's 100 miles closer).

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