Saturday, August 11, 2012

Moving Will to Athens

Will did a good job getting us out the door Wednesday...we were driving out of the driveway just before 8 am. Traffic on 316 was ok, except for around the traffic lights. Arrived at his down just before 10 am. It wasn't crammed full of people, which was nice. Moving him in didn't take long (we had Joel and MC along to help), but it took Ceil extra time to hem curtains for the closets. Will's roommate wasn't arriving until Saturday.
His dorm is Lipscomb, which appears to be one of the closest to the stadium. Shortly after 1 pm we drove downtown and ate at Mellow Mushroom. Most of us were famished, so the pizza and Diet Coke were extra good. Three pizzas: pepperoni, meat lovers, and one with tomato slices. Slugging catcher Andrew showed up to say hello, which was fun. It was a big crowd: C, W, A, M, me, MC, Joel, and Will's Camp Highland friend Matt, who clued us in on many things.
Didn't leave until around 3 pm, and we arrived home around five. Later on I had to send something out FedEx, so I picked up Moes burritos for A and M. Watched the beach volleyball final.

Thursday was a catch up at work. A two hour lunch meeting didn't help. It was catered by Jason's Deli: sandwiches, fruit, cookies, and potato salad.

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