Thursday, September 26, 2013

Blasting Brian Jordan

What does Brian Jordan bring to the table as an analyst? Last night takes the cake. After discussing the bizarre brawl, Jerome tried to get Brian's opinion on the Braves lackluster September offensive performance. Brian stammered his way through an answer, saying the Braves needed to "shake things up and add a big bat in late August...I don't know..." Surely Jordan knows when the trade deadline is, and the likelihood of passing a big bat through waivers while owning the league's best record. To even offer such an uneducated opinion makes Jordan worthless as an analyst.

Do Braves fans just want to see any former player in that seat? Is anyone watching? Or listening? I only watch the pregame show when something big is happening at Turner Field: a number being retired or some other big pregame ceremony. I pay the most attention to the postgame show when it was a dramatic win or when I missed a good portion of the game. Both Paul Byrd and Ryan Klesko offer sincere, heartfelt, well thought out analysis. Brian Jordan may be a nice person, but he adds nothing to the broadcast.

Another interesting moment from last night's postgame show was when Skip said the Braves and Cardinals had tied for the league's best record. Instead of looking at his partners or looking thoughtful, Dale was staring into the camera. Skip and Dale were wearing blazers, but for some reason Joe was in a black golf jacket with the collar up. While Skip was talking Joe was staring off out into space. Finally he corrected Skip, saying that since the Cards had been a half game back before their win, they were now a half game ahead. Skip nodded, realizing his error.

After work last night the Ogre had me go out to eat with our customer. Stoney River was great, and we had a fun time. My main contact was seated to my right and the Ogre to my left. Over the Ogre's head were two TV's, off in the distance. Only after the Braves game had started was the channel changed to the game. I kept stealing glances, even though I couldn't read the score. When I saw the brawl I was transfixed, but when they quickly cut back to the action I knew they were only showing a replay. I had seen the lineup, so when Uggla batted after Justin I knew something had happened. Freeman wasn't playing first base. Injury or had he been thrown out? I didn't find out until I got home.

I brought clothes to go down to tonight's game. Not sure how long I'll stay. Though it's doubtful the "mystery giveaway" is a bobblehead, you just never know.  

Enjoyed the AJC article about the homecoming queen/kicker. Made a few comments about Tech’s ugly uniforms and lack of “white-out” participation.

Will’s friend Preston, a junior, was just named West Georgia’s Homecoming King. Nice young man. Will be interesting to see where his younger brother gets a tennis scholarship to. Alabama has been looking at him.

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