Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bulldog Notebook

Saturday ESPN College GameDay will be set up just outside Will’s dorm. Right now Will is rockin the Johnny Damon look. Will lives just up the hill from the stadium in the brand new Rutherford dorm. Last fall they tore down old Rutherford and built a palace in its place: hardwood floors, elevators, various wood-lined study/library/media rooms. Pull down screens for projector TV’s. As an RA, Will has his own spacious room with a private bathroom. He had to miss the NT game to watch the dorm…not a bad game to miss. He watched the game on his laptop outside on a covered balcony while studying. He could hear the roars from the crowd before the play on TV unfolded.

The stadium wasn’t packed, but there was a good crowd in the lower bowl. Lots of open seats in the upper deck. Late in the game the light sprinkle turned to rain. After the game came the downpour. I got wet walking to Will’s dorm, but really soaked walking back to my car.

It was interesting how UGA changed from letting the clock run to trying to save time. You are right, had Georgia not called time out before the punt, they would’ve had an extra time out to use after the first down stuff. They ran down the clock then pinned North Texas near the goal line. I wonder if that changed their strategy.

Early in Richt’s tenure at UGA he was often blasted for clock management, particularly after a home loss to Auburn, if my memory is correct. Hopefully clock management won’t be an issue against LSU. Last year’s success, and having North Texas as an opponent, may have lessened the criticism. Many regular season ticket holders skipped the North Texas game. The stadium was filled with fans who rarely attend Georgia games…like me.

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