Thursday, September 12, 2013

This Week & Last

SEPT 11: Worked til after 5:30 yesterday. Picked up Anna’s fixed iPad on the way home. Stopped by a thrift store to look for more things to sell on eBay. Found a cute Charlotte Checkers mascot bobblehead to add to my collection. Looks like our dog Barney. Also found a Columbia fishing shirt, which the teenagers at the beach say is the latest trend. The shirt blocks the sun.

Didn’t get home until after seven. Ceil cooked hot wings for the kids and grilled chicken for me and her. Also salad and roasted potatoes. After the dishes were done I headed out to Kroger to get shipping envelopes to mail more stuff I’d sold on eBay. I’m liking the automatic postal machine, but the one in my post office wasn’t working. Drove down to Lower Roswell to get it mailed. Tuesday night there was too much frantic studying and computer work to watch the Braves, so I worked on eBay and went to bed early.

SEPT 10: The great thing about the beach there in Destin is that the sand is always soft and powdery. The only bad thing about that it is hard to go for a walk on the beach. Early in the morning at Myrtle Beach the harder sand is great to walk and run on. You gotta go early before it gets too hot or crowded.

There at Destin that Gulf Shores Road isn’t bad to walk on. A decent amount of things to look at, but there’s not much traffic (good) or shade (bad).

SEPT 5: I’m going to rest my leg for a week, but I need to get back exercising.

Last night Anna drove to her Bible Study. Ceil cooked chicken tenders, salad, onion rings, and baked potatoes. Later I pooped some corn. Watched the end of the Braves replay, then Duck Dynasty and Modern Family. Ceil was catching up on the work she does for the kids’ school.

This morning I was sleeping like a log when the alarm clock woke me up. Stopped at CFA to get a free chicken cheese egg bagel. Busy at work right now.

Good that Fredi was able to give some of the regulars two straight days off. Schafer is banged up.

SEPT 4: Not much going on with me. Worked til 5:30. On the way home from work yesterday I stopped by the library, Kroger, and the dollar store.

Ceil cooked spaghetti & meatballs and tossed salad. Matthew and I skipped the noodles. Later he had chicken noodle soup. Tuesday night is the big night to finish up schoolwork, so I did the dishes and went in the other room and played Wii golf.

Leg still hurts. Not quite as bad as yesterday, but sleeping is still hard.

Vendor from Anniston said he saw me Saturday. He emailed: ”Was that you kicking like a girl in the Dome?”

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