Monday, September 23, 2013

Georgia Tech: A Winning Season?

Many Tech fans wear Rose colored glasses and think the Jackets will cruise through the season unscaived, slipping past Georgia an on to the BCS. based on past history, I know that a winning season will be a much tougher proposition. Before my predictions I will provide some light analysis.

The good news: Georgia Tech's passing game and quarterback play are much improved this year. The defense and kicking game have also improved.

The bad: With the exception of Robert Godhigh, GT's running back play seems to have taken a step backwards. Days has finally accepted the fact that he is not a quarterback. He gained 97 yards against UNC, but has yet to become a breakaway back. For Tech to succeed someone needs to step forward.

More bad: After three relatively easy opening games, Tech's schedule gets increasingly more difficult. Four games will be very hard to win: Miami, BYU, Clemson, and Georgia. Others could go either way: Virginia Tech, Virginia, and Pitt. Last year Tech lost a tough opener to VT. This year these early easy games may not have gotten Tech tough enough for the meat of the schedule.  

Should Vad and the defense blossom, Tech could win eight or nine games, and then win a bowl game. If everything goes wrong, the Jackets could go 4-8 with no bowl bid. I predict 6-6, followed by a bowl loss. But I've been wrong before.

Aug 31 vs. Elon: WIN. A good first game...70-0. (1-0)

Sept 14 at Duke: WIN. Tech's defense bends but only breaks twice. (2-0)

Sept 21 vs North Carolina: WIN. After surrendering twenty first half points, Tech shut down the UNC offense in the second half. I'm sure the rain helped. (3-0)

Sept 26: vs Virginia Tech on Thursday night. A tough game will show the national TV audience what the Jackets are made of. The Hokies played number one Alabama tough, then laid an egg against East Carolina. They'll come ready to play. The question is: will Tech show up? It will be Vad Lee's first big game. (3-1)

Oct 5 at Miami. Tech will not be able to beat this improved Hurricanes squad. Miami has already beaten Florida. (3-2)

Oct 12 at Brigham Young. Another loss for the Jackets. (3-3)

Oct 19 vs Syracuse. Hopefully Tech bounces back and wins this game, but it won't be easy. (4-3)

Oct 26 at Virginia. The Cavaliers were thrashed by Oregon, but playing tough opponents will help UVA. Tech always struggles in Charlottesville. Should Vad Lee shine, Tech can win. (5-3)

Nov 2 vs Pittsburgh. Another tough opponent. (5-4)

Nov 14 at Clemson on Thursday night. Having already played one Thursday night game, the Tigers will take care of business...especially on offense. (5-5)

Nov 23 vs Alabama A&M. A win for Tech. (6-5)

Nov 30 vs Georgia. Tech loses a high-scoring affair. (6-6)

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