Monday, September 23, 2013

Second Surprise

Ceil has had it rough lately trying to get M to do his schoolwork, so any good news is a pick-me-up. C had worn herself out last week. Every day was full with appointments and running around.

Early Saturday evening she was at the Dekalb Farmer’s Market. Will came home from Athens and wanted to surprise her again. The kids needed to eat, so I had them meet me at Will’s…where Will had surprised Ceil a few weeks ago. C was taking her time getting there, but when I called her she had just parked around the corner at Trader Joes. W went to hide near the restroom. C came in and ordered her food. I went over to see her. A and M were at the booth texting Will, but M kept looking around and acting suspicious. C asked what was going on, and I said that I had inadvertently left my phone on the table and M was playing with it.

While I was paying C said she was going to the bathroom. I thought W would surprise her in front of the restroom, but her waited until she came out and sat down. I had sat down next to Anna so Ceil would have to sit with her back to the restroom. Will was able to walk up and tap her on the shoulder. It made her day.

When C got home from PCC she asked how it went at SPdL, so I told her that everyone had asked about her.

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