Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sept 23 & 24

Ceil tried a new recipe for a Mexican lasagna, with a layer or two of tortilla shells in the middle instead of the lasagna noodles. Also enchilada sauce, ground beef, black beans, cheese, etc. Ceil and I loved it, but A and M weren’t keen on something new…even though it had the same ingredients as the burritos they wound up eating.

Watched the Braves, but C and M were doing schoolwork, so I went off and read the Sexton book. Also finishing up Dan Brown’s latest book: Inferno. Very good.

Wore a blister in the back of both feet walking through the downpour in Athens Saturday. Tuesday after work I’m playing golf at a nearby par 3 course. Hopefully the blisters will hold up. Bought a pair of New Balance running shoes…model number 310, I think they are called.

Wednesday night I have a work dinner at Stoney River. Thursday night is the Tech game. It may be Wednesday night before I can look at the Schultz picks contest. I am certainly not an expert!

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