Monday, September 16, 2013


Thursday was our anniversary. Brought Ceil a dozen roses and her favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.  Anna was off at her church gathering, and we didn’t want to leave M home alone. C was worn out from a rough week of teaching M, so the three of us went to Moxie Burger. Great burger, but I did eat too many stringy onion rings and thick French fries.

Back home C and M did more schoolwork, and I got on the internet. Also had the Braves replay on the TV.

Since we changed the cable I am sure if we have ESPNU to watch the GT/Duke game (we don’t).

On the 22nd Dock’s father Neil is coming down for Dock’s first service. Neil is a tall man in his 70’s. Good guy. He worked here at Tull Metals until he retired. Now he lives up in his hometown: Greenwood SC. I’ll let you know if I can come.  

Hardly anything happened this weekend. Friday I went a different route home and it took longer. Watched the Braves and worked on eBay. When C and M are doing school I try to leave the room.

Saturday morning I came downstairs to watch ESPN College GameDay. Will wanted some information so I looked that up. Had to call ComCast Customer No-Service…that wasted an hour. Loaded the lawnmower up in the CRV…Ceil took it to get serviced. Took Matthew all the way to his girlfriend’s house in Canton.

Listened to the Tech game on the radio…the announcer is terrible. Only his second game, but he fails to mention the number of yards gained or lost on the play. Lee’s 50% completion percentage will not beat Clemson or Georgia. Too many dropped passes by his receivers. On the interception the receiver could have caught the ball if he had dove. The defensive player dove and made the catch as the GT receiver stood watching.   

I also missed the start of the Texas A&M/Alabama game. A great game to watch. When it ended it was time for the Braves game. Ceil baked a spaghetti casserole for supper. Didn’t go up the Birmingham to get M until 10 pm.

Sunday at 11:20 am I turned on SPdL on TV…it was last week’s service. Just missed the parent dedication. Did a bunch of laundry and other cleaning. Watched the Braves and just a little of the Falcons. Took a nap. Ate leftovers, yogurt, and popcorn. Also watched some of the Broncos/Giants and Seahawks/49ers. Got back to reading Frank Sexton’s book.

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