Sunday, September 15, 2013

I Had a Dream

Saturday night I had a dream my coworkers were at work in the same office we are in now, same windows to look out. But the view was different...a great big lake. The water was calm, except sometimes smaller clouds would form out of the large clouds. These smaller clouds looks like a flock of birds, or two dolphins. These smaller clouds started forming more often. At first they would"fly" around in the air. Later they started crashing into the land across the lake. Then they started falling into the water, causing the water to become very choppy. Waves were formed, and the beach area near the warehouse went from smooth to actually having shapes of sand.

I was reporting my activities back to Bill from the ground. At first the phone and email could be used to communicate, but later those means of communication were cut off. My son Matthew was there. Other higher clouds were striped. I was pointing out the clouds to Brad. Some clouds were wide orange-white-orange repeating stripes. A separate thinner-striped section was a brown-orange-white stripes. Though the sky was mostly cloudy the sun would break through and shine pinpoints of light down to the ground. I saw this twice, and both times the sunrays shining down in an interesting manner - once like a chicken's leg, and a second time like an inverse chicken's leg.

Food was there...some people were eating it, but others weren't. Eventually Bill came down, and we had to climb aboard this sleek riverboat. We had to climb over seats to get from the bow to the stern. Then we saw a man on the boat. He was about my age. He said he was the owner of the boat. (now that I am awake and thinking about it, I might have been Darren Parks' brother David). Bill was getting in the water, but I knew I was going to have to. Bill was worried because I had been working for a long time and knew I was tired (but not too worried, because he went back to his desk). I heard a report that the water was 16 feet deep, but that didn't seem to matter to me. Eventually I was in the water swimming around. I found a place to climb out of the water back onto the boat. Someone notified Bill that I was safe.

In the office there were many weird things, like an aquarium like jar that didn't have the widest opening at the top. There were rocks and water at the bottom of the jar - not sure if there were any critters in the jar of not. The jar was near a little office basketball hoop that people were playing with. I wasn't close to the hoop, but I got the ball and took a long shot. The ball went in the hoop and then down into the jar. The ball was about the same size as the opening, so I didn't know how the ball could be retrieved.

As soon as I woke up I knew I had to write this dream down, so I fired up the computer and started typing. 

What does this dream mean? Perhaps a coming war, or the end of the world. Only time will tell. 

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