Monday, September 09, 2013


Had fun at the SPdL service. Disappointed that Paul Johnson wasn't there.

After the service I talked to Bruce for a long time, and we actually met for lunch today at Wendy's. Bruce caught me up on David and Mary Hubert.

Sunday afternoon after SPdL Ceil and I drove back home, and stopped by Willys for lunch. We took it easy watching the Gattis Power Show, then went back for the PCC 5 pm service. I dropped Ceil off and snuck by Taco Bell for a snack before going in for the service.

Matthew ate lunch at Five Guys in Lindbergh and stayed for PCC. Anna ate lunch with Caroline Hargreaves at Panera. After PCC youth she and her friend went to the new Grace church downtown, then dinner ate at Waffle House. My kids eat better than me.

Friday I stopped off the post office on the way home to mail two eBay items: a Padres jersey and pair of Nikes. Watched the Braves. Terrible play by BJ to force Gattis to have to make the catch in the gap. Schafer is a much better centerfielder.

Saturday morning I went to Kroger and the post office to mail two more eBay items: KC Chiefs jersey and navy blue Cubs jersey. After eating leftover chicken and fries for lunch I drove M out to pick up his friend Sarah in Milton. Got to see the first half of the Clemson game and all of GA/SC. Washed the car at halftime. After the game Ceil served homemade pizza, then I took Sarah back to Milton to meet her mom. Got to see a little of the Notre Dame/Michigan game and like you, turned it to the Braves in time to watch the ninth inning.

Thanks to a terrible announcing sidekick for GT's Wes Durham at the Clemson game, sideline reporter Jenn Hillbreath tried to take the Tigers to task for a sluggish offensive first half. Dabo would have none of it. He turned and looked at the scoreboard and quipped "38-10" doesn't look too bad to me." Even though the defense scored two touchdowns, even the best teams aren't going to score on EVERY possession against weaker teams. These hot-shot announcers think something's wrong if they don't, and then fans think somethings wrong. Even GT scored at least two defensive touchdowns in their 70-0 win against Elon.

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