Friday, September 20, 2013

Great Expectations

Ranked number three in the nation, ESPN had high expectations for Clemson's performance last night against NC State. I'm sure Clemson fans are irate at how their team was treated, but that comes with being ranked so high…especially considering Clemson's past performance in similar situations. There was lively debate on both sides of the issue by Reece Davis, Jesse Palmer, and David Pollock. Amazing that Pollock once ate 118 wings at one sitting.

Likewise, there was much talk of "Heisman-hopeful" Tajh Boyd's performance. Clemson's quarterback repeatedly made poor throws, held the ball too long, failed to spot open receivers, and chose to scramble outside the pocket instead of stepping up into it. That's why I'm no fan of the "quarterback guru" that so many college QB's like Boyd are working with. The guru helps the QB withstand pressure in the pocket, but I don't see much progress in reading defenses and improved passing performance. The Mannings work with high school QBs, and use elite college quarterbacks as camp counselors. I'm sure many college QB's could benefit from spending more time with the Mannings.

Boyd did thread the needle several times and connected for three touchdowns, but he is not the quarterback Johnny Manziel is. Right now the Heisman race is between Johnny Football and Oregon QB Marcus Mariota. Boyd may make it to New York as one of the finalists, but I don't see him winning. I would like to see Georgia's Todd Gurley have a monster year and become a candidate, but both the Dawgs and the Crimson Tide have a quarterback and running back that are Heisman possibilities. This will split the Southern vote, handing the Heisman to Mariota. You heard it here first.

Those churches that are getting millions for their land to build the new Falcons stadium have a great opportunity that hopefully won't be wasted. It's a shame people are saying they are selling out for the big bucks. Hopefully the churches will use the money wisely.

Even though the Nats edged the Marlins last night, the Braves can clinch the division crown before the end of the day. It is doubtful that ESPN will make as big a deal about it as they did when the Dodgers clinched last night.

Finally cut the grass Wednesday night. Also raked and blew off the driveway. Enough pine straw had fallen to cover the area where Will parks his Jeep. Looks a lot better.

Thursday Ceil had a lot of running around to do (school, art, orthodontist Jerry Capps), so I hustled home to take Anna to Roswell. But Ceil wanted some time to unwind, so she took Anna and looked for fabric near North Point. Matthew and I braved the long line at Moe's free queso day. I'm not a big queso eater, so Matthew had leftovers to bring home. Saw "young" Jim and Angie Watterson. Watched the Clemson game and rode back to Roswell to get Anna.

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