Monday, September 23, 2013

Spotlight on Clemson

When we watch Clemson football games on TV we look on the sidelines for our nephew Ben, who is a student manager for the Clemson team. Last Thursday night he was in the right place at the right time: a player got thrown out of the game and was chewed out on the sidelines by Dabo Swinney…right in front of Ben.

Friday I noticed an article about the play on Yahoo Sports, so Ben’s moment in the spotlight was captured for prosperity.

Speaking of Clemson, the Tigers have a clear path to the ACC Championship Game and a possible Orange Bowl berth. Should they also beat rival South Carolina, the number three ranked Tigers have an excellent chance at playing for the BCS National Championship. Besides the Gamecocks, the only other really tough game is against FSU, at home.

Aug 31 Georgia: WIN
Sept 7 South Carolina State: WIN
Sept 19 at North Carolina State: WIN
Sept 28 Wake Forest
Oct 5 at Syracuse
Oct 12 Boston College
Oct 19 Florida State
Oct 26 at Maryland
Nov 2 at Virginia
Nov 14 Georgia Tech (Thursday)
Nov 23 The Citadel
Nov 30 at South Carolina
Dec 7 ACC Championship Game

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