Tuesday, May 09, 2017

As the Hawks Turn

If you told me last year the Dwight Howard signing was a mistake, I would have immediately agreed with you. To have an expensive luxury vehicle with no insurance (even if he forgot to pay the bill), and then drive it 95 MPH at 2 am the night before a playoff game is just plain dumb. A bad decision. How can you be expected to make good decisions on the basketball court when you are making bad decisions everywhere else? I’m sure Howard has an agent he pays handsomely. Why didn’t the agent take care of the insurance? Even Jeff Schultz agrees with me.
Michael Jordan used to drive 95 MPH around Chicago, but Howard is not MJ. Jordan used to keep a basketball in his car. If he got pulled over he’s just autograph the basketball and give it to the cop.
Now I hear a Falcons draftee didn’t personally autograph items he had purportedly signed. If the guy was so busy that he couldn’t sign them himself, then (a) he shouldn’t have made the deal and (b) he shouldn’t have let someone else sign them for him. Coming from a place where he had nothing was no excuse. Sorry, but story after story like these make me less of a fan.
Missy update: the travelers made it from Monroe LA to Eastland Texas (410 miles) by 7 pm yesterday – before having a flat tire. They still have 535 miles to go – 8 hours, according to Google Maps.
This afternoon Will flies to Dallas. He and brother-in-law Thomas will pack tomorrow and drive to Houston on Thursday for the Rockets/Spurs game 6 (265 miles / 4 hours). Friday they’ll drive to Cartersville – 835 miles / 12 hours. Will would like to return to Augusta Friday night – another 190 miles / 3 hours. Add in his 165 mile / 2-1/2 hour drive yesterday and W will be driving even further than Missy. Good thing they’re not driving a RV with cats and dogs, and a vehicle in tow.
Whenever I drive past the Merchants Walk Whole Foods I’m super jealous of the super cool people eating out front, and wish I could be so cool. Last night I had the chance: we met Matthew at work to eat dinner with him. I got home from work and changed into some super cool clothes (or at least as cool as possible). Will drove us over. M had ordered a pizza, and we had a good time. My back was to the parking lot, so I couldn’t see all the jealous people driving past.
Came home and watched The Voice. Also a rerun of Jimmy Fallon with guest Martin Short. That dude is funny. Even Ceil laughed. Bucket list for me would be to see he and Steve Martin perform together.  
W is just missing MLB games in Houston and Arlington. Too bad - he’s building an impressive resume: Fenway, Atlanta Stadium, RFK, Camden Yards, Turner Field, San Francisco, and SunTrust Park (7). I’ve been to 14: AFC, old Busch Memorial Stadium, Wrigley Field, old Comminsky Park, Turner Field, RFK, Camden Yards, Shea Stadium, Fenway, Tropicana Field, Houston, Arlington, San Francisco, and SunTrust.
Tonight was Anna's first trip to SunTrust, for the GT/UGA game:

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