Monday, May 15, 2017

Signs of Life

I have “been active” for five days now. Thursday when I got home from work I cut the grass.
Rare Friday, being at work but away from my desk all day.
630-830 shuttled coworkers from the far parking lot. Before 7 am a fire truck pulled up, as well as an ambulance. Not good on an open house day. A warehouse employee had fainted. After 30 minutes the ambulance pulled away, siren blaring. Not good.
830-930 training meeting for open house.
930-1000 welcome coworkers and vendors and customers
1000 unexpectedly drafted to go on tour with my customer and vendor. Added comments and observations not mentioned by the regular tour guide. At one point I was talking to someone and the two golf carts I was with roared off, leaving me to ride with GM Eric and a blond-haired lady. My group said I said ditched them for the blonde. Got back with my group, but then tour guide Jonathan had to go back to meet someone else and I was put in charge. I'm not good at blathering on about things like our plant. 
1130 we finished the tour at the BBQ tent – right when I was supposed to report for more golf cart driving. But there was no one from my company there to eat with our customer and subcontractor, and they really didn’t need to eat together unsupervised, so I stayed and ate with them. Later the CEO came by to talk to our customer, and our guy from Augusta was talking to the VP.
1230 I finally made it out to the golf carts. Didn’t have to go on another tour, but I did shuttle a few employees around. Nice to be outside for a change.
1:30 went back to the BBQ tent for an afternoon snack. There was a tableful of my team members there, so I joined them to meet a customer I hadn’t met. Stayed there for an hour, talking.
2:30 finally got back to my desk to start work. With all the turnover on our team, a few weeks ago I jokingly told one of the junior members she was knocking people off to climb the ladder. Then I taped a piece of paper under her calculator with the names of former team members crossed out. She didn’t know it had been there for 3 weeks until I showed someone today. A decent joke.
During lunch the GM mentioned I’d be playing in an upcoming golf tourney. Friday evening I hit golf balls at the house. I need to hit every day between now and the tourney in June, and hit more and more each day. So I hit Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Need to hit all my clubs. So far so good, but I have a long way to go.
Anna and Josh went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Friday night down at Atlantic Station. Will and Thomas made good time driving back from Houston, arriving around 9 pm. They enjoyed the Rockets/Spurs game. If you saw it the entire crowd was given red T-shirts to wear, so they had those as souvenirs. W made some coffee, then hopped in his car and hit the road to Athens.
Saturday morning Ceil went to the YMCA. I cleaned. I had the idea to double-check the game time of the Gwinnett Braves game, and I was glad I did: it started at six, not seven. C and A went to Mary Hargreaves graduation party. I headed out to Gwinnett. Bad traffic at 400/285, 285/85, and on 85 north. Then my car started acting up. I was running the A/C, running the lights, windshield wipers, CD player, and charging my phone. Cut off when I reached the ballpark. Had me worried.
Good time at the game. Ozzie Albies had a big night. Went over and sat with Johnny and Hugh. Mentioned I had taken you to the game at SunTrust Park. Later we were talking about Ponce de Leon Park and Crackers ticket stubs, for grandstand seats for forty cents. The game was a sellout, and with my car possibly on the blink I left after the seventh inning. Made it home without a problem.
Stopped at Kroger for Mother’s Day flowers. Just missed Anna and Josh. M came home earlier than usual. A good day.

Sunday M had to work 7-2. C, A, and I drove down to Passion City Church. Louie worked the I-85 bridge into his sermon about fear, and how people will be negative no matter what. “they won’t finish the bridge in June, it will probably be November.” “they finished in May? Well you can drive on it. I’m not gonna drive on it, it probably isn’t safe” After church we took Piedmont and got on 85 south. Seeing the clean new bridge, Ceil said “let’s come down tonight and spray paint graffiti on it.”
C wanted to park in the PCC lot, which is always jammed with early service folk leaving and late service folk arriving. I strategically parked on the exit row so it would be easy to leave, but of course they let everyone else go except our row. Garson Circle is jammed from Piedmont to Lindbergh. I think they jam things up on purpose so more people will use the shuttle.
Couldn’t eat til M got off work so we drove over to the Westside. Ate at Moxie Burger (Ceil’s choice). A guy working there looked just like Will, so we should’ve taken a picture of C, M, A, and the guy for Mother’s Day. Didn’t do much the rest of the day, except hit golf balls. C worked on School and took a nap. Later M went to band practice.
Woke early this morning to go on a “run.” Nice that my new watch monitors heartbeat. Got up to 170 BPM. Hopefully that is good.

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