Sunday, May 21, 2017

Pretty in Pink

For Mother's Day weekend the all MLB teams again wore special pink trimmed uniforms. The Braves were in Miami.
Dansby shows off the pink bat, pink bat, pink sleeve, and pink belt. 
Nick Markakis (below) donned pink shoes and special socks.
Bartolo Colon high fives Markakis.
Perhaps all pink caps would look nicer. Might as well.
The Marlins wore the same socks. That's catcher Tyler Flowers.
Those pink shoes look OK with long pants legs, like on Freddie Freeman. Like other teams that usually wear stripes on their pants,
the Braves went plain.
All-time hit king Ichiro Suzuki kept his pink to a minimum.
While the laser-cut script "Atlanta" looks OK up close, from a distance the letters run together and are hard to read. Plus they look cheap.
The Braves' current home and road uniforms suffer the same curse.
Guess they perform better on the field than the tackle-twill predecessors.
As usual, the Yankees kept it simple.
A league wide recap is here.
On Father's Day look for similar light blue trimmed uniforms.

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