Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Security Breach

Monday afternoon I was looking at my computer screen focused on work. I could tell someone was talking down the aisle next to my desk but I didn’t look up. Since they’ve been renovating our lobby more people have to walk past me because their regular route through the front door is blocked. 
The person walking past laid something down on my desk and kept walking. Usually Renee delivers mail once or twice a week, so I figured it was her. I looked over to see what it was – a menu from a Chinese restaurant! Was this some sort of joke?
Then I looked back and saw a guy from the Chinese restaurant walking around our office handing out menus. Just last week we’d had a security scare when someone was trying to get into the office to see an estranged family member. After that we had meetings and emails reminding everyone to not let anyone inside. Anyone visiting needs to have an appointment. There are dozens of temporary signs posted everywhere. The guys remodeling the lobby have their own special passes, but this guy somehow snuck in.
Renee was in our GM Eric’s office but Jan stopped the guy in Purchasing. Everyone had no idea what had happened. I went into Eric’s office holding the menu and asked if the guy from the Chinese restaurant had missed them.
At least if someone breaks into our office with guns a-blazing I am in the back, around the corner from the front. I wouldn’t be in the first wave mowed down, anyway. Don’t have anywhere close to hide quickly, except squeezed under my desk. As it was today’s attack by Chinese menu was quite successful. This guy didn’t need a gun.
Left work Thursday at 5:10 and drove over to JFBC for their men’s event. I estimated 150-200 in attendance. Lots of food – I think they advertise these things as a meat-fest. “Low country boil” was red crawfish. Brats with sour kraut. Bubba burgers cooked well done. Salad. Crème pie tarts. Chips. Burger fixings included cheese, lettuce, tomato, and crispy bacon. Whoever did the cooking did a good job – so often when cooking for the masses the bacon is chewy and the frozen burger patties are rare, but not at JF. I had a delicious bacon cheeseburger and stayed away from everything else. Very good.
Crawford Loritts spoke on leadership. A good talk, broken up twice with discussion questions. He loves to read books on leadership, but advised sticking to the Bible and staying away from worldly leadership tools. Said Myers Briggs was a good tool, but that God can change people from one MB style to another. Men in their 20’s are still discovering who they are and are still pliable, but by the time they reach their 50’s and 60’s they’re more set in their ways, and are harder to change. Was asked who his favorite leaders were, but in the Bible and in the world. Said David was his current favorite leader in the OT, and Paul in the NT. Loritts did not answer the worldly leader question. Crawford mentioned his days at Campus Crusade with Bill Bright, Josh McDowell, and Dennis Rainey. Also mentioned how he started a church in Dallas with Tony Evans, but his mentions were never in a bragging way. This weekend he and Rainey are leading a Campus Crusade “Weekend to Remember” marriage conference. There were about 7 or 8 rows of round tables 4 or 5 tables deep, each with 5 or 6 guys at each table. Men of all ages, from their 20’s to their 80’s.
Got home in time for Chicago Med.  
Last day of the month and three team members are out AND the outside guy is in. Not good for getting work done. Worked til 5:50 Friday afternoon. Ceil made a trip to Whole Foods. Drove home and helped Ceil out in the yard until dark. Late supper. M was down in Southwest Atlanta at a Sea Ghost concert.
Saturday I cleaned upstairs. Pulled out summer clothes from the attic. Switched out the winter clothes. Worked on that all day. Also cleaned the kitchen and did some laundry. Ceil made three trips (1) to the YMCA, (2) Publix, and (3) Office Max to get something printed. She cooked pot roast for dinner. Watched a Hallmark Channel movie and the recent Superman movie entitled Man of Steel. More action than we’re used to but it was ok.
Sunday went to SS and church at JFBC. SS was taught by Hawk Hagebak, a guy my age who recently retired from the Cobb County Police. He also used to protect Bryant Wright and whoever else was speaking at JFBC. In fact they have several people at every service on the lookout for security concerns. Hawk wove his testimony into his lesson on parenting. Did a good job. Spoke to him afterwards. Bryant spoke on Stephen, in his Heroes of the Bible series.
After church we talked with friends, then got Moes to take to M at Whole Foods. Then to Office Max before home. C cooked homemade pizza for lunch. We took naps, then she worked on school stuff and worked on my laptop. C had never seen the ESPN 30 for 30: “I Hate Christian Laettner”. Later watched golf and the Hallmark Channel.
Saw where Drew Kelly went to the choir festival Sunday afternoon at JFBC. The announcement was on the JFBC marque.
Typical Monday. Worked past six. Took a slower route home then had to stop by Kroger. C cooked a new Mexican dish. The Voice. C went to bed at 9:30, so I flipped it over to Dancing With the Stars to see David Ross. He lost a dance off.

Then watched the Braves fall just short. They’re sure scoring runs. The announcers were talking about Mets ace Noah Syndergaard getting hurt. Glavine was in the booth. Syndergaard had recently added 40 pounds of muscle through weight training. Glavine said Terry Pendleton always said you can’t pull fat. The talk was how pitchers think they have to throw as hard as possible to get drafted, and how “showcases” inadvertently pressure kids to throw hard, and throw often.
I knew Glavine’s son is finishing his high school playoffs before matriculating to Auburn. I’d never heard Glavine talk about his son and wondered if he’d use him as an example. He did, saying his son wasn’t a hard-thrower, but instead located pitches to get batters out. Glavine said there are fewer and fewer pitchers like him, just hard-throwers who couldn’t work off their fastball because they couldn’t control it. Glavine had been drafted in the second round back in the 80’s. Today he wouldn’t be drafted so high. You’d think with the millions spent on scouting and sabermetrics these baseball geniuses wouldn’t be so quick to forget how Maddux and Glavine won 300+ games. 
BTW Syndergaard has an interesting story. Grew from an ugly unathletic duckling into an athletic Thor of a fastball pitcher. Great article a few months ago in Sports Illustrated. Might've gone overboard on the weight training.  

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