Friday, May 12, 2017

Safety Olympics Decathlon

This is national safety week, and our company is celebrating with T-shirts, an open house, and a Safety Olympics. Refreshments include day-old tuna fish sandwiches left out on the table overnight. Events include:
10. Loaded forklift obstacle course.
9. Ladder climbing: fastest up and down wins.
8. Discus: pitch and catch using fine china.
7. Marathon: who can work the most hours before falling asleep on the job.
6. Truck driver long haul (aka Cross Country): who can drive cross country the fastest. Also known as “Smokey and the Bandit” or “Logan’s Run.”
5. Weightlifting: who can pick up the heaviest skid.
4. Archery. Since we don’t have bows and arrows, we’ll use nail guns.
3. Coil rolling: stand on top of a coil as it rolls across the warehouse floor. Bonus points for staying on when it crashes through the wall. Tried it in the water like log rolling, but the coils (and employees) kept sinking.
2. Truck loading: who can load the fastest.
1. The Wallenda: walking on the I-beams running across the top of the warehouse. Sponsored by Red Bull Energy Drinks.
Sorry if these jokes are slightly industry-related. And as always, safety is never is joking matter.

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