Friday, May 05, 2017

Deshaun Who?

Lots of people don't know who Deshaun Watson is. Drives Clemson fans crazy. I'm sure all the Clemson fans were all riled up that Watson wasn't the first QB chosen in the NFL draft, just like they were peeved when he didn't win the Heisman - in either of the past two seasons. Before the SC/Clemson game Booger McFarland said on the SEC Network that the SC QB (whoever he is) was going to outplay Watson (he didn't).

Some UGA fans were mad for four years when the Dawgs lost out on Watson. Clemson had concentrated on him early. Watson wasn't really the prototypical dropback QB that Mark Richt preferred. UGA's big QB recruit during that time was Bryce Ramsey, who didn't work out. Happens all the time, both in college and the pros. At the same time Clemson also had a big QB recruit not pan out: Chad Kelly. Kelly later surfaced at Ole Miss and broke some of Eli Manning's records.

Watson was the third QB chosen last week, with the 12th pick overall. he wasn't even the first Clemson player selected. Good thing the Bears didn't choose Watson third. Poor UNC QB Mitch Trubinsky. Watson did well to be picked by the Houston Texans. They're in the South, and they need a QB. Watson may have been the best college QB (or maybe not) - but college is way different from the NFL. Watson may have been a decent passer in college, though he threw way too many dumb interceptions even as a senior. Also missed too many wide open receivers. That's what separates college QB's from NFL QB's. Watson's running ability will mean little in the pros. If he runs too much he will get hurt. The NFL loves huge QB's: 6'5" 240 pounders like Ben Roethlisberger. Deshaun is a little guy compared to Big Ben. Even Roethsberger has had his share of injuries.

Watson will have every opportunity to win the starting job in Houston. Better there than Chicago - less hostile fans and weather. I am not convinced Watson will become an NFL star, based on his tools. But he is determined, and he is a hard worker both on the field and in the film room. He puts in the hours, which is necessary for greatness. He is mentally tough. He doesn't think too highly of himself and he's not a thug. The Texans coach, Bill O'Brien, coached Tom Brady. The school's out on Watson - he could be above average, average, flop, or get hurt.

Chad Kelly was also drafted by the NFL this year. Denver picked him with the last pick of the entire draft, making him Mr. Irrelevant. If it wasn't for young Mr. Kelly's propensity to get into bar fights, I'd say he'd be as likely to make it in the NFL as Watson.

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