Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Behind the Blind Side

A story from the book I just read, written by the real life couple depicted in the Blind Side movie: Sean and Leigh Ann Touhy. He set the SEC record for assists at Ole Miss and now is an announcer for the Memphis Grizzlies. She was a cheerleader at Ole Miss and now is an interior designer. She hates to cook, so they eat out or bring home food for almost every meal. The they keep in the fridge are drinks and condiments. They bought a new house and she made up plans to renovate it – that didn't include a kitchen. Her family had to convince her to put in at least a small kitchen.

Traffic on the way home Tuesday afternoon was slow. I seemed to get behind all the slowboats. One pickup stopped in the middle of a traffic circle. Went to the library. I had left work at six and didn't get home until 7:45. C cooked burgers, fries, and salad. Watched a little of the Braves, The Middle, The Voice, and Good News. M came home from work and fixed a PB&J.

Anna had gone back to Athens on Monday to take care of some business. Tuesday a group was traveling to the GT/UGA baseball game at SunTrust Park, then went back to Athens after the game. Hope she didn't drive. I looked for the game on TV but didn't find it. Might've been on the SEC Network but I forgot to look there.

I hate drive thru's. At McDonalds I like Egg McMuffins or bacon/egg/cheese biscuits. McGriddles are ok.

I'm going to write an essay titled "What to do When the Light Turns Green"? Will include other general driving tips. I think part of the problem is so many people are coming to the US who never drove before, or from countries with chaotic gridlocked traffic. Used to be most drivers were taught to drive the right way when they were teenagers.

I don't hurry either. Recently at work I was telling a co-worker how I'd been tailgated on the work. She exclaimed "well you drive like an old man!" She was right.

When I leave work I have to wait for a gap in northbound traffic on Peachtree Industrial to turn left. There's a break in the median with a turn lane where northbound drivers make U-turns to get to a day care center. Once there's a break in traffic you have to figure out if any cars are coming southbound. Sometimes you get stuck in the middle of the road with cars whizzing past both ways, looking back over your shoulder at the southbound cars. Sometimes I turn right, head north, then make a U-turn at the next median break. Not fun. Surprised there hasn't been an accident.

Below: a painting Anna did for a Phi Slam party.

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