Sunday, December 03, 2017

31 Days of Shoes

After a long week I was in one of those moods on the way home Friday night. Stopped at one store and came close to buying one or two pair of shoes, but passed. But at the second store I found a pair of red Saucony Everuns that I had to take home. The blue pair I got a few months ago feel great, and will get heavy use come January when I start back training big time. Like my new Balance 993's the Sauconys fall squarely under the "dad shoe" category. 

As usual I have too many shoes, so holding I can sell some off on eBay. But right now i could wear a different pair of sneakers every day for a month without repeating.  

1. Saucony red 2017
2. Saucony blue 2017
3. Nike Air Max red 2016
4. Nike Huarache 2017
5. Nike Haurache Trainers 2016
6. Nike basketball royal 2015
7. Nike running black white 2015
8. Nike running grey green 2015
9. Nike running grey orange 2014
10. Nike running silver brown
11. Nike Air Trainer grey black 2016 (for sale)
12. Nike KD7 orange 2014
13. Nike Golf black wingtips 2016
14. Nike royal trainers 2017
15. Nike soccer slides navy
16. New Balance running grey orange
17. New Balance 995 black
18. New Balance 995 navy
19. New Balance 995 grey
20. New Balance 993 grey
21. Reebok Zigs silver royal
22. Reebok basketball olive white 2016 (for sale)
23. Reebok Fury black white 2015 (for sale)
24. adidas Campus black suede 2017
25. adidas Campus red suede 2016 (for sale)
26. Puma tennis leather white black (for sale)
27. Puma Roma leather white navy
28. Converse All Star white canvas low
29. Footjoy vintage racquetball black 2017 (for sale)
30. Sperry navy canvas boat shoes
31. Crocs black loafer 2017 (for sale) 

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