Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Games in Athens

I’ve only attended six UGA home football games. Offer me tickets and I’ll take them (though I might’ve turned down a few GT/GA tickets when I was out of town for Thanksgiving.

UGA vs California in high school
UGA vs GT 1979.
UGA vs Auburn in 1982
UGA vs Ole Miss in the 80’s
UGA vs Coastal Carolina w/ Anna and Matthew 2008
UGA vs North Texas with Darryl 2010

UGA vs Kentucky? Ceil and Anna 2013

UGA vs GT basketball at Stegeman
UGA vs Tennessee basketball approx. 2005
UGA vs Tennessee baseball 2015
UGA vs Arkansas baseball 2016
UGA vs Tennessee softball 2016
UGA vs Florida gymdogs 2015

UGA@GT football in 1978 and 1980
UGA@GT basketball
UGA@GT baseball in Macon

College football games at Tech, UGA, Clemson, Auburn, Birmingham, the Georgia Dome, Chapel Hill, Knoxville, New Orleans, and North Alabama.

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