Monday, December 04, 2017

The Playoff: All Set

What do you think about the playoff? Bama seems deserving. Nick Saban spent Saturday making media appearances, in an effort to lobby for a place in the playoff. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been in Charlotte for ESPN College GameDay. Ohio State lost big to Iowa, as well as to Oklahoma. For the Buckeyes fans calling foul, would they like to face Bama in a play-in game? I think not.

Bama did struggle against Auburn, and Clemson’s defense could cause Jalen Hurts some frustration. But Clemson’s offense has yet to face a defense as strong as Bama’s. Early in the season the Tigers barely beat Auburn at home. Clemson QB Kelly Bryant could be in for a long night in New Orleans. The game could come down to a field goal, and Bama’s kicker is better than Clemson’s.  

UGA made several mistakes, committed several penalties, had several calls go the other way, and still dominated. They did well to tackle Kerryon Johnson hard, driving his hurt shoulder into the ground. Then they were able to better contain QB Stidham, who is a less explosive version of Sooners QB Baker Mayfield. Had the touchdown pass not been called back for the supposed pick play the Dawgs would’ve scored another four points. The three Auburn turnovers helped. When Sony Michel missed the second half with his knee injury the Dawgs did not miss a beat.    

I am usually a fan of Gary Danielson, but he got on my nerves Saturday. He was proved wrong on the pick play, though it was smart of him to point out the alleged possibility. Nessler brings an Atlanta angle to the broadcast. Danielson pointed out that Fromm tried to guide a pass to the wide open tight end, and the throw came up short. Probably one of the few bad passes Fromm has thrown all year.

Clemson seems to be peaking at the right time, though they were facing a weak Miami team. Bama will be much tougher for Tiger QB Kelly Bryant, who can get easily flustered. Could be a relatively low scoring game. Sunday afternoon while I was gone Ceil watched a replay of the Clemson/Miami game. We had missed the first three quarters Saturday night, so she watched the whole thing. Later I watched a rerun of the fourth quarter of the GA/Auburn game.

More points will be scored in the GA/OK Rose Bowl. If the Dawg defense can just slow down Mayfield, and the Georgia running game run off some clock, the Sooners can be upset. Fortunately Oklahoma grad MC will be on a mission trip, and won’t have to watch the game with UGA grad Will.

Tech should’ve gone to greater lengths to schedule a twelfth game. Now they aren’t going to a bowl game. Georgia State played a home game this past Saturday, and Kennesaw played at Jacksonville State in Anniston. UCF was wise not to reschedule Tech, so they could keep their undefeated season intact. Tech should’ve offered to play a road game somewhere, anywhere. Georgia Southern. Troy State. The Citadel. App State. Louisiana Tech. Many small schools had playoff games.

Tech didn’t deserve to go to a bowl. Usually that doesn’t stop a team from going. Bowls may not be money making propositions because you have to pay for the entire athletic department to travel, plus the band. And you have to split the money with the conference. But by missing a bowl Tech misses out on an extra three weeks of practice, which help the freshmen and sophomores develop. The coaches do get to recruit more, which somewhat offsets the lack of publicity a team gets from the bowl game.

I wasn’t surprised that the Falcons lost. Their only big win was against the Cowboys, who were missing several starters. All their other wins have been close games against mostly average teams: Chicago, Detroit, Tampa. Look for an even worse Falcon loss on Thursday night, especially if they have to wear those horrendous all red color rush uniforms.
A weekend on the go for me. We worked late Friday night so we wouldn’t have to come in on Saturday. Worked past 6:45 then stopped by three thrift stores on the way home. Bought a Braves cap and pair of red shoes. Ate a piece of Mellow Mushroom pizza for supper. Ceil had a school meeting so I beat her home.

Saturday morning I watched ESPN College GameDay while doing the dishes and starting the laundry. Fixed black bean quesadillas. Watched some of Oklahoma/TCU, put up the Christmas tree, raked the yard, and blew the driveway. Raking the yard might not have been the best remedy for my pulled abdominal muscle, as I am still in pain. Guess I need to continue with the Advil. Finished just before the UGA/Auburn game started. As I had suspected, UGA played better, and Kerryon Johnson’s injury slowed Auburn.

I had been apprehensive about the dinner party we were to attend, but it was great. The Chiles live just a mile away, and three other couples we knew also attended. Rob had the game on, so we were able to watch UGA pull away. Burgers, onion buns, huge boneless chicken breasts, potato casserole, grilled asparagus, bacon-wrapped asparagus, sweet corn salsa, carrot cake, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and ice cream. We had a fun time with lots of laughter.

Got home around 10:30 pm. Clemson was comfortably ahead. I watched some of the postgame and went to bed at midnight.

Sunday school and worship at JFBC. Got out the Christmas decorations, then drove north to Cumming for the hot stove meeting. Nine attended, mostly regulars but a few new faces. One guy about my age travels for work, and has been to all the MLB parts as well as 141 minor league parks.

He once attended three MLB games in 24 hours – in three different cities in three different states. He hadn’t set out to do it, it kind of just happened. A Sunday night game in Atlanta was delayed, and didn’t start until 9:40. He flew to Chicago early the next morning. After his meeting he was given Cubs tickets. After the afternoon game he realized the Brewers had 7:30 game, so he drove up to Milwaukee for that. Another time he attended a night game in Baltimore, then a day/night doubleheader in Shea Stadium: Yanks/Angels and Mets/Pirates. A support beam had collapsed in Yankee Stadium, so the Yanks moved the game to Shea – making for the first time both an AL and NL game were played in the same stadium in the same day. On the way home I stopped off for gas and Taco Bell.
Watched the Carol Burnett special last night. Lots of high profile guests, including Steve Martin, Jay Leno, Martin Short, Bernadette Peters, Steve Lawrence, Lyle Wagoner, Harry Connick Jr., and others. Clips of some of the legendary guests, including Jerry Lewis, Sammy Davis Jr, Jimmy Stewart, Alan Alda, Steve Martin, etc. Carol’s first show aired Sept 11, 1967 – the day Harry Connick Jr was born.
This morning on the way to work I mailed an eBay package and stopped by McDonalds for a biscuit. One coworker off today, tomorrow, and Wednesday. Three of the six team members will be out on Wednesday. Lunch meeting tomorrow.

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