Monday, December 18, 2017

The Kemp Trade: Thumbs Up

What did you think about Star Wars? How was the experience? Anna's friend Josh saw it Friday night, but I forgot to ask him. You'd be proud: while C was baking cookies yesterday afternoon we watched A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Barney gave them a ten on the Bark-O-Meter, so we didn't watch Return of the Jedi.

We're supposed to wear ugly sweaters on Christmas, so I'm looking for a Star Wars or Braves version (or both). Anna and Josh went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Saturday night.
The Matt Kemp trade: very nice. my phone was on the charger and the TV wasn't on sports. Later I flipped on a football game and noticed something about the trade on the crawl. As usual all kinds of reaction on Twitter – people mouthing off before reading and digesting the details.

CPA: A great trade by the Braves over the weekend.    By my numbers, I have their 2017 25 man payroll at $116.9 million.  Cots has their 2017 opening day payroll at $122.6 million.  I am assuming their payroll budget is the $120-130 million range.  I think they have some flexibility to add bullpen arms or maybe a short term veteran to play 3B.  However, I don't know if that is a huge priority.

In the bullpen, I think they will have Vizcaino and Minter split/compete for closing duties.  Winkler, Ramirez and Sam Freeman will get some middle relief/setup innings.  But I think the difference between this year and last year is that I think Lucas Simms, Max Fried and maybe Sean Kazmir will get innings as relievers.  I also think Folty could be pushed from the rotation.

In 2019, they will only have 3 guaranteed contracts totaling $38.2 million.  In addition, by my math, they will only have 4 arbitration eligible players.  I know the rebuilding and losing have turned off some people, but if you look at their roster,  they have a lot of young, controllable talents.

They will have a ton of money to spend on next years free agent class.  However, outside of Harper (who I think will get $500 million over 10 years), and maybe Manny Machado, I would be weary about spending big bucks on anyone else.

I left work at six Friday evening. Checked my phone, and the wait at Great Clips was 63 minutes – longer than it would take to get there. I put in my reservation and made stops by the post office, bank, and Kroger. Walked into Great Clips and Denise was ready for me. Perfect timing.

Got home and Ceil was taking care of Barney. I drove to Chickfila to get her a grilled sandwich and waffle fries. Anna and a friend were at the Camp Highland party in Crabapple. I went to bed before they got home.

Slept late Saturday morning. Then I cleaned up. Anna went down to Ponce. C went to a birthday lunch. Watched The Rainmaker, the movie version of John Grisham's novel. Matt Damon, Claire Danes, Danny Glover – even Randy Travis had a cameo. Later I drove Ceil to Joann Fabrics, The Container Store, The Avalon, and finally Moxie Burger.

I've been sleeping good lately. Was almost late to church. Good lesson on the spiritual warfare going on when Christ was born. Christmas is war.  It was war at the time of Jesus' birth: (a) War with Herod:  Matt. 2:12-18, (b) War in Heaven:  Rev. 12:1-5, (c) War in the hearts of men:  Luke 2:29-35, Luke 1:51-52. Christmas continues to be a time of war today: in our culture, in the hearts of the lost, in our own hearts.

Ate at Moes, then drove C to Perimeter Mall. My phone battery was dead so I sat in the car and watched all the crazy drivers in the rain. One car pulled into a perfectly good parking space but was too close to the car next to them. They tried to straighten up several times but couldn't, so they drove away. We didn't get home until 3 pm.

C was baking more cookies. We had on two Star Wars movies, but Barney was barking so much that we finally had to change the channel. Saw the end of the Steelers game. Anna went to the evening service at Grace Midtown. Later I went to Kroger for more sugar, and gassed up Anna's Jeep.   

Barney's legs worry me. He fearlessly jumps off our high bed – even in his cone. He got tricked this morning. I went into our bathroom/closet to get dressed. Usually C stays in bed with the lights off until after I leave, but this morning she got her housecoat and went downstairs. Since the door to the bathroom was closed, Barney thought Ceil was still in there. I opened the door and Barney was still in bed. He saw me come out, and knowing C wasn't still in the bed, hopped off and went to the steps. I called out to C so she would respond, so Barney would know she was downstairs. Only then did he go downstairs.

I am one game back in my bowl picks - I took Oregon.

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