Saturday, December 09, 2017

Falcons: Color Rush

The Falcons and Saints wore their color rush uniforms Thursday night. 
As usual, Julio Jones was a beast.
Photos courtesy of the AJC and
The all red Falcon unis were no worse than their regular costumes, which rank near the bottom of the league. The stripes on the pants are nice, better than the thin piping on the regular pants.
 Great mustard gold trim on the Saints unis.
Most of the Falcons wore red shoes.
Kicker Bryant and punter Bosher were exceptions, along with the tight end.
 Matty Ice was with the program, wearing a red undershirt.
Devonte had another concussion.
Peachtree Bart was in the house, joining fellow Falcon Legends
Mike Kenn, Jeff Van Note, Jesse Tuggle, William Andrews,
and others welcoming new legend Warrick Dunn to the fold.
Saints QB Drew Brees was the first NFL Man of the Year to wear his permanent jersey patch. Sunday other former award recipients
(like Eli Manning) will also wear their patches. 
Love the Saints color rush unis. The jerseys are just like the original 1967 Saints jerseys. Nice pants stripes, much better than the wide solid black stripe they currently wear. 
Below: expansion RB Saints Jim Taylor and QB Gary Couzzo.

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