Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Star is Born

Wednesday night: followed the Braves game on radio. Supposedly Acuna showed elite speed going from first to third. Thursday he hit his first home run, and added an infield single and bloop double. Acuna is hitting .444 after two games. The Braves are undefeated during the Acuna era. After the home run his teammates gave him the silent treatment in the dugout (below) - the perfect rookie hazing.
After wearing light grey New Balance spikes in his debut, Acuna wore dark blue NB cleats in his second game. Yes, a star was born today. Not Acuna, but the guy who caught his home run ball. Dude who caught the homer was elated: Joe Web of Dallas GA runs a sports memorabilia business and is a friend of some of my bobblehead pals. He admitted using some Zack Hample tactics. Joe's reaction after grabbing the ball was priceless.
The Braves are trying to improve their pitching, calling in six new pitchers in ten days: Sims, Biddle, Wisler, Ravin, Socolovich, and Fried. They’re not standing pat. Good thing they’ve been stocking up on pitchers for the past few years – not all of them pan out.

This week I was thinking about how some teams just have the number of certain other teams. That’s the great thing about baseball (and basketball) – on any given night a supposed weak team can rise up and beat a stronger team.

Thursday the Braves earned a series split, so they still have only lost one series all year. Acuna became the youngest Braves to homer since Andruw back in August 1996. My green jersey is turning out to be a good investment.

And Albies is even better. He’s broken the franchise record for most extra base hits in April, with two more this afternoon. Whereas Acuna has a bit of youthful hot dog in him, Albies is all about hustle and playing hard.

Will rode my bike 25 miles yesterday. He said it handled well, though the auto-shift gears took some getting used to. I need to ride it more but our neighborhood is so hilly. Ceil and I met Will at Pappasitos for dinner. C and I order the “medium” fajitas, eat till we’re stuffed, then take just as much home with us. Last night we paid the same amount for the large order since it was half price fajitas night. Will hadn’t eaten all day so he pigged out, but we still brought some home.

Then we drove over to East Roswell to look at a rental house W&MC are thinking about renting. Was just so so. They may want to live closer to town. Got home at ten and watched Designated Survivor.

Vacation day on Friday.

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