Saturday, April 14, 2018

Hello Gwinnett Stripers

Journeyed out to Buford this afternoon for my first Gwinnett Stripers game.
Lots of changes at CoolRay Field.
Gone are the murals of Chipper and Bobby.
In their place: lots of Stripers stuff. And I mean lots. It's a good thing.
Special guest was Roquan Smith, the All American linebacker from UGA. Smith rocked a Masters shirt. He'd never been, but was eager to chat about it. Sweet chap, Roquan.
Behind Roquan's left shoulder in navy is Michael,
who I always see at bobblehead games. He liked my green Acuna jersey.
He also orders jerseys from the same place.
Spent a little time with my pals Johnny and Hugh.
Looks like a State Farm agent moved into the apartments next door.
Based on the monthly rent, they must be doing pretty good for themselves.
Top prospect Ronald Acuna collected a hit,
but later expressed frustration after three groundouts. 
A good-looking Striper bobblehead. Sales are slow. Want one?
Several nice cars in the players parking lot. Also a few tractors.
Sunset over CoolRay.
Spent five minutes overlooking the bullpen. While we were there one of the pitchers tossed a ball to one of the boys.
Acuna's white shoes made his haunches look bigger.
Playing center, he misplayed a sinking line drive while trying to keep Matt Wisler's no-hitter intact. The single turned into a triple, and soon the scoreless tie was no more. Note the chalk sideline stripe from the Atlanta United's minor league team. 

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