Sunday, April 22, 2018

North Avenue Updates

Thanks to money-grubbing adidas, Georgia Tech took one small step into the 21st century this week, introducing their first-ever wordmark with letters resembling the Tech tower. For a school that prides itself on being at the forefront of scientific development,
Tech was always woefully behind the curve in the graphics department.
Sheldon Cooper and Brick Heck would be ashamed. 
The new end zones look tremendously better.
Looks like the yard line numbers will use the same font.
One goal of the rebrand is to have a consistent color gold on uniforms and merchandise. In the past the gold helmets didn't match the pants or jerseys. Of course none of this matters if the actual uniforms don't look good.
The Stripers also debuted their new alternate uniforms, to rave reviews. 
Chopper needs to get with the program.
I'm loving the fish on the sleeves.
The green jerseys also look swell.
The White Sox and Athletics also wore sweet throwbacks this week.
The bat boy was the only one to wear striped stirrups.
I finally gathered all my Braves caps for a group photo.
Not as easy as you'd think,
Ceil's new summer sneakers: blue Vans Authentics.
Cool helmet photo. Experts can determine when the picture was taken by noting which teams are and aren't present, and which facemask change has or hasn't been made. But I'm not that expert.

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