Sunday, April 15, 2018

Will, Jack, and Gary

Will had a good spot to watch the ceremonial opening tee shots at the Masters last week. Pictures taken from this video.
That's Will at the far left of the photo in the white cap and beard,
as Gary Player addresses the ball.
Below Will is between the two guys in sunglasses.
After Player hit his shot he walked over and stood in front of Will.
Then Jack Nicklaus walked up and teed up his ball. 
Jack turned toward Will and doffed his cap,
drawing applause from the patrons.
Will looks on as Nicklaus addresses the ball.
Everyone follows the flight of the ball.
Player out-drove Nicklaus, but not by much.
Jack comes over to shake Player's hand, right in front of Will.
The first time Will and I attended a Masters practice round,
the first thing young Will did was to snake through to the front of the gallery just as Jack, Arnie, and Gary were finishing at 18.
As Player walked off he handed his ball to Will.
A good first five minutes, I'd say. 

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