Thursday, October 06, 2011

Clemson: Favorite to Play for BCS Championship?

After dominating Virginia Tech (and with South Carolina suddenly vulnerable), Clemson could easily go undefeated. Quite possibly play for the National Championship. They also should be able to win a rematch with GT or VT in the ACC Championship game (but should Charlotte’s Dec 3 weather turn nasty, Paul Johnson may be able to pull a rabbit out of his hat). At the very least, pencil the Tigers in for the Orange Bowl.

According to Mark Bradley’s noon column, I’m not the only one with concerns about Tech. The defense has yet to be tested. If Maryland/Virginia/Miami don’t punch holes in it, Clemson surely will. Some think GT/Clemson will be a shootout…hopefully Tech’s offense will have a big day. Few (besides me) are worried about Tevin Washington’s wobbly passes. But I will take the games one at a time…hopefully the players will.

Hopefully Georgia is gaining momentum. Should be a good game in Tennessee. See where Barbara Dooley stormed into a Knoxville radio studio to defend her son? Hilarious!

Had lunch Tuesday with an old friend (Mark F) who’s developing a pitchback device with Leo Mazzone. Investors can “buy” all sales commissions for a county for $5700.00. Sell 14 units to make their investment back (I’ll pass). Says Leo keeps calling him. He’s been over to Leo’s house, and met his wife “and dogs!”

Mark F asked about Don H, so I gave him a quick update. Also Lang.

Friday is Matthew’s birthday…we’ll have three teenagers in the house. Tonight he has baseball practice. Hopefully he can play basketball at the church up the street. Playing for Flight requires thrice weekly rush hour trips to Sandy Springs (and weekday afternoon games in Douglasville, Cumming, Buford, etc).

Joke: I guess spending money on a Lowe bobblehead is like spending money on cotton candy or frozen lemonade. The other day I saw bobbleheads of the TBS basketball crew: Ernie, Charles, and Kenny, but I passed on them.

Wrote a long recap of Will’s Tuesday night game: well played by both teams. Good pitching, hitting, and defense for all seven innings. Lead changed hands four times. Good guys won in the end. Will was the only player to reach base every time, and he stole four bases.

Game ended at 10:25. Glad I had a jacket in the car. After filling up with gas and editing Anna’s essay, I wound up not getting to bed until 12:30. Before the game I went to Matthew’s basketball parent’s meeting.

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