Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Crown Loses to Upstarts

Saturday morning I cleaned up, then went to Will's Crown baseball game. He gave up four unearned runs to the team that had raided half their team…the Saints. Their coach was pulling out all the stops to win, though Will's coach played it like a normal fall developmental game. Will only pitched two innings, then made several good plays at shortstop. Since taking the summer off from baseball, Will has yet to regain his pitching form.

Will's former basketball teammate Isaac had received a scholarship to play for the Saints, and did well pitching. Isaac was relieved by the coach's son, who pitched the next five innings. Though he feasted on the new, young JV players in the bottom half of the order, the reliever struggled against the regulars at the top of the order. Will drove in a run with a hard-hit single, then Silas cranked a long home run, far over the fence. The next time Will hit another hard grounder, but it took a Sunday hop into the tiny shortstop's glove.

Had a nice time chatting with Isaac's dad. We had seen his wife at Louie's church. Matthew's team played after Will's, and lost. Listened to the Tech game on the way home, then watched the Clemson game with Will. Sunday we went to NP together, and talked to the Hurts. For lunch he cooked us burgers. Sunday evening Ceil drove straight in to Passion City Church. We were joined by Joel, DJ, Mary-Clayton, and the Diadigos.

Saw where CNN commented favorably about Andy's Recovery Road series. I like it. Ceil missed most of it. The last half of that last sermon seemed off topic a little, with Andy being excited about the upcoming service campaign. I was going to put the RECOVERYbegins with ME sticker on the car, but it makes me look like I'm in AA.

Thomas and I drove to Augusta Monday to take Physical Inventory. Came out just about perfect…the Ogre was impressed. Ate at Waffle House (Thomas got the sirloin steak). Took Krispy Kremes to the guys at EZGo.

Monday night the kids were looking online at all the school photos taken at their school. They were looking at the first graders, who were tiny and cute. Will helps out in a second grade class, and this boy named Willis always asks if Will came to get his name back. Anna also has lots of stories from the 3 year old Sunday School class she teaches.
I'd been thinking about Pappasitos just the other day.

Looks like Wren is stepping up and doesn't want people to be happy with the status quo. Nice is start in with the offseason articles already.

W went to Cartersville Friday night. I worked late, then relaxed at home.

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