Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More on Driving

I try to get my family to leave early, though they rarely do. And when it’s raining, to try to leave even earlier. Over the years I’ve taken vacation days instead of driving on snow and ice. This year I worked from home for 2 days, until my boss ordered me to come in (by then, most of the ice was gone).

I also try and park where cars won’t be zipping in and out. At NP I always park where the lot curves, and a couple of spaces are larger. It also is shady there.

I always stay far behind the car in front of me, and then another car always has to squeeze into the gap. I never try to squeeze into tiny gaps. This morning I needed to get over to turn left, but there were no gaps. I missed two streets to turn at, and finally was able to turn further down Holcomb Bridge. Had I needed to, there were three more places I could’ve turned.

I try to drive on as many small streets as possible, and stay off the busier, bigger streets as much as possible. Less chance for an accident.

It’s funny to see some drivers continuously changing lanes and driving fast. I’ll be poking along (saving gas) and catch up to them at the next light. If there are two lanes, I try to stay right, to avoid being close to oncoming traffic.

The other day I went through the green light at the Stinky Kroger, headed home. A car at the RED light had turned right using the turn lane and forced his way in front of me, instead of (God forbid!) stopping. Of course, he then immediately veered over into the left lane.

And at a four way stop recently I let the car to my left go first. As I was about to proceed, the teenage driver behind that car also plowed through the intersection. Had I not been paying attention, I would’ve run right into him.

The meek may inherit the earth, but we’d better look out on 285!

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