Monday, October 17, 2011

Oct 8 NCAA Recap

Finally figured out that we get ESPNU, so we watched the end of the Tech game, and all of the Clemson game. Virginia’s upset win over Tech didn’t surprise me. Undefeated Clemson stayed on track to make the National Championship game, coming from 18 down to win by eleven. Take away the fumble and pick six, and they win by 25. The only ones that can beat them are themselves. After the game Dabo quoted from the book of Matthew.

I was flipping over to the UGA game during Clemson commercials. Ugly scene at the end of the game…looked like Vandy was as much to blame as UGA. That Rodgers kid looked good for Vandy. I’d say Tech’s defense is worse than Georgia’s. UGA plays better teams in the SEC.

I heard that UGA was going too conservative late in games. Even Ritch didn’t like it. After the Tennessee game he said he had sat in on the offensive meetings because he hadn’t like the scheme for the Ole Miss game. I couldn’t believe Drew Butler let a punt get blocked…he’s pretty good. Good thing he tackled that guy.

Looks like UGA will have a tough time beating Florida. They’ll have to play better than they have all year. Same with beating Auburn.

Read where it was doubtful Boise would make the national championship game this year, even undefeated. I’d hate to see a Bama/LSU rematch if there were other undefeated teams out there (except Boise!?). I could even see an undefeated Clemson team leapfrog Boise, having played Auburn, FSU, Virginia Tech, GT, SC, and the other ACC Division Champion.

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